2013 GNCC RD 6 ~ Dunlop Limestone 100

Slightly Bent Race Report

GNCC Round 6

Springville, IN   (May 18, 2013) –  Well, after a very busy and grueling start to the 2013 GNCC season, I’m finally able to write what I hope to be a proper race report for the Slightly Bent Racing crew.  Better late than never I guess!

Round 6 of the GNCC series brought us to Springville, IN for the Dunlop Limestone 100.  After the countless hours of pressure washing from last weeks Kentucky race, we were fortunate enough to enjoy some pretty mild weather with only a few random sprinkles mixed in.  I thought this made for some pretty decent track conditions.  The course layout was typical of most GNCC races including a lot of tight woods sections, very little open field sections, with a few dry creek beds and rocky sections thrown in the mix of about a 10 mile loop.

Colton White

Colton preparing for the holeshot.

The A.M. race started off with Colton White running at his usual lightning fast pace in the Sport 15+ class.  Somewhere around the 3rd lap Colton began to experience some clutch troubles which landed him a 7th place class finish and 104th overall.  Not to worry, this kid is still the class leader in points and I’m sure he won’t let a little mechanical issue get him down.

30+C rider, Josh Riley, landed in the 12th position after an encounter with a rogue stump injured his thumb.  In true Slightly Bent style, Josh continued forward making sure he completed that first lap to secure his points for the race.  I’d look for Josh to make up some ground in the next round since it incorporates a motocross track into the loop.  Josh’s specialty.

The 35+C class saw Jason Gautier secure a 5th place finish after completing a grueling 4 lap race.  Jason is steadily climbing the points ladder and as it stands now you’re looking at a “B” class rider for the 2014 season.  But don’t count me, Cliff Vowell, out just yet.  Landing in the 11th place spot for this round certainly helps in the points chase and after all, 3rd through the holeshot is not as easy as it looks folks!!

This round’s afternoon race missed one of it’s Senior A/B riders, Rusty Repass, who wasn’t able to make it due to personal business.  Remember, we are an amateur team and no matter how much we try, sometimes business just has to be tended to.  Don’t lose too much sleep over it, Rusty has a reputation of coming back with a vengeance so I would look for some solid results at The John Penton.

Vet B rider, Dan Webb,  pulled his first ever holeshot at a GNCC event.  The 12 riders in the class all got off the line at about the same time but Dan crossed the orange paint line first as Rodney finally announced Slightly Bent Racing over the loudspeaker.  Finishing 8th in the class, I would certainly look for Dan to continue to improve and build upon this race.

And finally, don’t forget about our recent partnership with Vigilant Vet Racing.  Even though we battle for 2 or more hours on the track, off the track we share a common goal.  On the June 8th, we will be attending a tribute to our nation’s wounded warriors in The Plains, Virginia.  Both teams will have pits set up with quads and gear on display to help raise awareness for PTSD.  Check us out on Facebook for more information.

See you in 2 weeks!!!!

Cliff Vowell  #294


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