2014 GNCC Round 12 ~ Poweline Park

Powerline ParkSt Clairsville, OH ~ This round of the Grand National Cross Country Series turned out to be one of the most exciting rounds of the year.  Weather is always a factor at this track but this year Mother Nature decided she would throw everything she had at these racers.  From rain, to sun, to sleet and freezing rain, it just goes to show when you think you have enough gear packed, check again!!

Starting us off in the morning class is Daniel Gwinn in the 16-18C class.  Ending his muddy race with a 15th place probably isn’t what he hoped for, but simply making it to the checkered flag was enough for him.  Rounding of the morning classes is the #821 of Jason Gautier.  They say that every dog has his day, and today belonged to Jason as he put his Houser Racing backed Yamaha  at the top of the 24+C class.  Keep a close eye on him in the future because a first place finish at a GNCC race only adds fuel to the fire.

On to the afternoon class and the #441 of Brandon Icard.  Ending his day in the 5th position gives him a little cushion with his 3rd position in points.  Vet B rider Dan Webb had a strong race as he put his Flexx Bars to the test.  With a 3rd place on the day and holding the 4th position in points, it’s going to be an interesting final race.

That does it from the snowy Powerline Park.  Congratulations to all the racers who came out to brave the muddy course.  As we move on to the last race of the season, make sure to tune into RacerTV to keep up with all of the GNCC racing action.  And make sure you head on over to the Slightly Bent Racing YouTube channel for the latest in video reports and helmet cam footage.  Stay dry and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks!!

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