GNCC RD 12 ~ ITP Powerline Park


She said “Yes”!! Now its time to work.

St Clairsville, OH – If you haven’t finished cleaning up from the PA race, drop your pressure washers because it’s time to go GNCC racing again!  In the second to last round of the season, we find ourselves at a track that many riders hail as their favorite, The ITP Powerline Park.  After talking with a few people, we find that this track holds a special meaning to a lot of racers.  This is where current SBR riders Josh Riley and Dan Webb began helping each other out in the pits.  This is where Vigilant Vet Racing founder, Rick Proctor, was introduced to the sport of ATV racing and its many benefits to our nations Veterans.  And its holeshot is even the site of a marriage proposal!  This track always inspires a great crowd and great racing.  The conditions this year were similar to that of past years with fair weather, a little bit of dust throughout and of course Gus’s mud hole.  But enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get down to business.

Every year you hear of a rider clinching his or her class championship by round 10 or sometimes even earlier, but that’s not the case for everyone.  Some riders have to take it to the bitter end and that appears to be the case for Sport 15+ rider, Colton White.  Plagued by a season of ups and downs, mechanical troubles, and just plain old bad luck, Colton’s positive attitude and determination remain the same.  Ending his day with a 3rd place finish is certainly nothing to baulk at, however it does put into play a somewhat interesting math equation.  Without boring everyone to tears, let’s just say Colton knows he has to put his head down and focus at the upcoming Ironman.  This, my experience has taught me, is exactly what he intends to do.


Colton always has the support of Senior A/B rider, Rusty Repass.

On to the 35+C class and our man on one knee, Jason Gautier.  The excitement of one simple word, “Yes”, sent Jason into the woods grinning from ear to ear and in 2nd place.  Once in the woods, he put on a display that rivals any race he’s entered thus far.  Four laps later, Jason came through the finish line in the 4th position and with a new lease on life.  He may need to hold off on the wedding planning for at least another 2 weeks because he too is locked in a point’s battle till the end.  Oh, and I still haven’t heard an answer on the green SBR stamp landing on the wedding cake!!

Heading up to the afternoon lineup, we find Vet B rider, Dan Webb, and Senior A/B rider, Rusty Repass, preparing to do battle.  After a short hiatus, Rusty returned to the track looking for some results.  Ending his day with a 2nd place, he goes home with his head held high and already looking towards the 2014 season.  Ending his day with a 9th place finish, Dan goes home with one thing on his mind, the Ironman.  Also locked in a points battle, Dan will have his head down and his mind focused on the two racers that stand in his way of a 4th place finish on the year.  Indiana will definitely be rocking!

That does it from Ohio.  With some SBR riders already preparing for the 2014 season and others focused on the last race of this season, the Ironman is sure to live up to its name.  We also want to extend heartfelt congratulations to Jason and Kellie on their engagement this past weekend.  They have supported this race team from the beginning and we wish them the best!  I wonder if Kellie will let us bring the quads to the ceremony…………I’ll shut up now.  See you in two weeks!!!

Cliff Vowell #294

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