Andrew Donahue

Andrew Donahue - ProfileDOB: 07/17/1996
Quad: 2007 Honda TRX450
Mechanic: Neil Brown
Race Number: 555
Years Riding: 11
Years Racing: 3


Race: Snowshoe, WV  (GNCC)
Track: Snowshoe, WV  (GNCC)
Driver/Rider: Walker Fowler

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I’ve been riding quads since I was about 6 years old. It’s just something I have always loved doing. I started riding a 90 and slowly moved up to a 250. Even though it was a utility quad, I rode it like it was a race quad. I got my first actual race quad when I was 14 years old.  My family and I would take trips to the mountains just to ride. When I would get home from school, I would ride. I met SBR teammate Rusty Repass through a baseball team with his son. He shared the same love for riding as I do, so he took us to his hometown in West Virginia several times on riding trips. He knew I loved riding and suggested I try racing. So when I turned 16 I raced my first race and was instantly hooked, even though I failed to finish the race because of a bent steering stem. Ever since then, racing has been my passion. I hope to continue to improve and move up through the ranks as far as I can. So far I’ve raced 6 Mideast Harescramble races, finishing first place in 4 races and second in the other 2 races.  I want to give a special Thank You to Rusty Repass for helping me get here and also to all the SBR members for having me on the team.

What is your favorite part of riding a quad?  It’s not only fun, but it keeps me in shape.  It’s just something I’ve always been involved with.

How did you get started in the sport? I met SBR team member, Rusty Repass, through a travel baseball team I was on. He knew I loved riding and suggested I give racing a shot. Now I’m hooked!

What are your long term racing goals? I think I have the same goal as many young racers, to go Pro.

What is your biggest ambition? I want to continue racing as long as I can while maintaining a career and a good home life.

How did you get involved with the team? I met everyone at my first GNCC, 2012 Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.  I was asked to join the team about halfway through the 2013 season.

Andrew Donahue on the track. Andrew Donahue - Snowshoe, WV Andrew Donahue at the Snowshoe rolling start.